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Where possible we have used Sustainable Development techniques in the construction and maintenance of our apartments.

Our sister company (Starfish Accommodation) recently won the 2007 Yorkshire Moors and Coast award for Sustainable Tourism. Particular mention was made of Discovery and Starfish's holistic approach to energy conservation as our two sites work together to conserve energy.

Our Approach

We are committed to caring for the environment and have adopted a holistic approach:

We have installed solar panels and a heat pump which heats our swimming pool and all hot water for Silver Street.

We have a heat recovery system.

We use computerised thermostats on heating.

We use energy efficient light bulbs.

We use bamboo towels which require less drying time.

Our laundry is washed at 30C.

We use a Pakmaster to reduce wastage.

We have recycling boxes in all our properties.

Our office prefers to use emails rather than paper.

We are planning to install a grey water system

Read more about our approach to sustainable development in an article in Business Environmental News...[PDF download]

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