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We are an award winning family run self-catering accommodation business situated in the heart of Whitby, North Yorkshire.

Discovery Accommodation and Starfish Accommodation

Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions supercede any previous versions.


Discovery Accommodation and Starfish Accommodation are trading names of G. Collinson (Construction) Limited. Head Office and Reception at 11 Silver Street, Whitby, North Yorkshire YO21 3BX. Registered In England No: 02627093. VAT Reg No: 162 5697 84.


The contract. The accommodation contract is between the Holiday maker and the property landlord and will be made subject to the terms and condition herein under English Law. Discovery Accommodation acts as agent. The Landlords name and address are available online within the My Account area and also within the property.


If any section or clause is found to be invalid it shall not invalidate the remaining clauses or the contract.


Third Party and Agent Bookings. Where a booking is made through a Third Party then these Terms and Conditions will take precedence over the Third Parties terms and conditions.


Bookings from Third Parties (agents) are on a fully pre-paid, non-refundable and non-transferable basis.

The leisure facilities are provided and owned by Discovery Leisure Ltd. The use of the facilities is under the Terms and conditions of Discovery Leisure Ltd, which are listed below.

Payment. Discovery Accommodation collects payment for its agency and on behalf of the landlord. These payments are seperate and itemised in the customers account and booking summary. The total payable is unaffected.

Initial/deposit payment. Bookings will be confirmed upon receipt of the correct monies. Deposit payments will only be taken where accommodation can be provided. The deposit payment will be returned in all other instances. The deposit once accepted is non-refundable.

Payment Currency. All prices are in Pounds Sterling. (GBP).

Balance payment. The balance of the holiday payment will be due 42 days prior to the commencement date. Where the Customer fails to contact us with payment the customer authorizes us to use the registered payment card. In the event that payment of the balance is not received the accommodation shall become available for booking, the deposit / initial payment will not be refundable and Discovery Accommodation or the Landlord shall not be liable for any consequential losses or costs.

Full payment. For bookings within 42 days of the holiday commencement date, full payment will be due.

Confirmation of Booking. Once the booking confirmation has been issued the Holiday maker becomes responsible for the full amount of the holiday price.

Cancellation, Transfer and Refund Policy. We understand that from time to time guests may wish to cancel, change or transfer their booking. We advise all guests to protect themselves against unforeseen circumstances by taking out appropriate insurance. Payments are non-refundable and bookings are not transferable.

Rent Waiver
We offer Rent Waiver for a 30% premium to be paid a time of booking, (rent waiver option is only available at time of initial booking and cannot be added later). If you or any member of your party, whose name is on the booking form, contracts an illness or has an accident that forces you to cancel your holiday the Rent Waiver offers you some protection. Please note this does not cover pre-existing illnesses and a medical certificate will be required or other proof.
We will return your payment(s) and waive payment of the balance due if you cannot fulfil the contract due to any of the above circumstances if you pay an additional rent waiver of 30% of your accommodation rent.
The Rent Waiver is non-transferable and non refundable. If you change your cottage booking having paid a deposit to include Rent Waiver, the Rent Waiver element is non-refundable.
In the event of illness of a party coming on holiday you must notify Discovery Accommodation IN WRITING immediately.
Failure to do this will render the Rent Waiver void.
If you choose not to pay the additional rent waiver, you are strongly advised to have some form of holiday insurance to protect your position in the event that you are compelled to cancel your holiday.

Privacy. Use of customer information. Customer data is collected and used in accordance with local law. It is used soley for the purpose of processing and managing your booking. We do not sell or provide your information to any third party.

Security. G Collinson Construction is responsible for the website transaction, Your personal information including Credit Card details are entered on a secure page and transferred using SSL technology.

We use digital door locks and the access codes which you are given, are for the guests sole use and must never be disclosed to any other person or body. The guest shall become liable of any damage or losses which shall flow from the disclosure of any access information.

Smart building technology, is been installed in our properties which allow us to monitor and control access, sercuirty and confort. For your saftey and security guests must not interfer with any of the controls or sensors. The system contols fire detection, access codes and heating. We aim to provide a comfort temprature in the region of 16 - 21deg C. Guests who require a higher room tempratues can adjust the temprature via your account page which will allow you to increase the temprature with payment of an additional fee.


Party size. The property is to be occupied by no more persons than the booked party or the property limit. The Accommodation Provider reserves the right to refuse entry and or cancel the booking without refund on breach of this condition at any time during or priory to holiday.

Stag/Hen parties. Group bookings are not accepted unless by prior agreement. If agreed in advance any such booking will require additonal deposits to be made and surchrges will apply.

Both Discovery Accommodation and the Landlord. Reserve the right to refuse or revoke any booking from parties that in their opinion (and sole discretion) are unsuitable for the accommodation. In such an event there will be no refund.

Damage. Damages and breakages are the responsibility of the Holiday makers and should be reported to Discovery Accommodation All costs for damage and breakages shall be payable on demand. We publish a damages charges list which will be used to calculated the amount due.


The Discovery Accommodation have published on site rules regarding the use of the property i.e. non smoking etc where the Holiday maker breaches these rules the charges will be applied to the Holiday makers without further notice.

Property, goods and personal injury. The Discovery Accommodation and the Landlord accept no responsibility for any loss or damage to persons, Holiday makers their guests or their or guest's property or goods whatsoever. Personal libility for injury or loss of belongings are at the sole risk of the Holiday maker and you are to indentfy the Discovery Accommodation, G collinson (construction) ltd and the Landlord against all claims.

Left or Lost Property. Property that has been left behind will be retained for 30 days. We will forward claimed property on for a minimum fee of 5.00. should the property not be claimed within 30 days ownership of the items shall transfer to us and we shall be entitled to dispose of the property and retain proceeds of sale (if any).

Car parking. Car parking is provided by Discovery Accommodation. Spaces are for small to medium cars (4.7 x 1.7m max. Cars and contents are parked at owners risk Discovery Accommodation and the Landlord accept no liability whatsoever for any damage howsoever caused to vehicles, contents or property.

Availability. The Hiring contract is made on the basis that the property and its facilities as stated will be available for the dates booked. In the event of the accommodation being unavailable through events out of the control of Discovery Accommodation and the Landlord. In such an event Discovery Accommodation and the Landlord's liability shall be limited to the refund of the holiday cost. Where possible similar accommodation will be offered.


Quality and serviceability The accommodation is maintained and cleaned to a reasonable standard. However, property is subject to wear and tear and will require maintenance and replacement which is normal. All linen and towels are clean but may have imperfections, marks or stains which do not effect serviceability. Maintenance is ongoing, small defects are normal and no liability shall flow from such defects. 

Complaints shall be in writing. Giving the name and address of the compainant, property and a fully discription of the issues. Complaints shall be made as soon as the issue is found, Complaints raised following the departure of the guest, and were we were denied the opportunity to investigate the issue or correct the problem, no compensation will be offered.

We will respond to complaints after a full investigation into the issue, a responce will be given in writing within 28 days.

Compensation if deemed necessary will be in the form of a discount on future stays only.  Our determination of the complaint shall be full and final.

Repair response times

The nature of your repair will determine the time in which we have to complete the work necessary. 

Repairs are catergorised into either an emergency, urgent or a routine repair.

Emergency repairs

Repairs where there is risk to your safety, danger to health and to prevent serious damage to the building / total loss of services. 

  • We will respond within 2 hours and complete work within 24 hours (unless parts are required or weekends)

Urgent repairs

Repairs where there is a partial loss to your service that seriously affects the comfort or convenience of occupants or where further damage will occur to a property.

  • We will respond to gas repairs within 24 hours
  • We will respond to general repairs within two working days

Routine repairs

Repairs that do not seriously interfere with your comfort or convenience and do not cause further problems to the property. examples of routine repairs wifi or television loss

  • We will complete gas repairs within three working days
  • We will complete electrical repairs within three working days
  • We will complete plumbing and general repairs within five working days

The accommodation will be available from 3pm on the day of arrival. The property shall be vacated by 10am on the departure day.


Where the customer incurs additional costs during or after their stay, they authorise us to debit their registered card, without prior notification.


The taking of photographs and videos is permitted of our facilities, properties or goods for the personal use of the guest on the basis that the Intellectual Property Rights shall be assigned, transfer and pass in full to Discovery Accommodation Ltd and the Landlord. For the purpose of clarification should the guest or others publish any image(s) or videos on a third party publication, web based, paper or the like we shall be entitled to charge a fee £20 per month per image for their use and control of how they are used or displayed.


Guests who wish to write reviews, articles or comments on their stay about our services, facilities and properties or the like agree that the Intellectual Property Rights shall be assigned, transfer and pass in full to Discovery Accommodation Ltd and Landlord. For the purpose of clarification should the guest publish any comment, review, book or pamphlet in any format we shall be entitled to to charge a fee for their use and control of how they are used or displayed.


Legal fees, where we incur legal fees resolving issues with guests the guest agrees to pay our legal costs in full.



11 Silver Street Whitby YO21 3BX

The leisure facilities are for the use of Discovery and Starfish Accommodation guests only.

Costs and times are as displayed within the office. Slots may be booked through "your account" page or on arrival. 

All leisure facilities are unsupervised and are used by guests at their own risk.

Please seek medical advice before using the leisure facilities.
CCTV is in constant operation.



It is mandatory for guests to shower before using the pool
All guests use the pool at their own risk, as it is unsupervised.
There must be a minimum of 2 people in the pool at all times.
An adult must accompany children under the age of 16.
The maximum number of people allowed in the pool at anyone time is 8.
Suitable clothing and footwear should be worn in the pool area at all times.
No toys in the swimming pool e.g. lilo's and inflatable.
No food or drink should be taken in the swimming pool area.
No person shall introduce or consume alcohol prior to and in the pool area.
People using the pool must not deposit any litter in the pool or changing area, but must place all rubbish in the bins provided.
No willfully or reckless behavior which may endanger your own or any other persons safety.
No running, no diving, no ducking and no bombing.
The management will not accept responsibility or liability for money, clothing or any other articles that may be lost on the premises.
Anyone not following the rules will be asked to leave the area.
The management reserves the right to refuse entry or to require a person to leave the premises.
By entering the pool you accept these terms and conditions


It is mandatory for guests to shower before using the sauna.

No children allowed under the age of 16.
No food and drink allowed.
No newspapers, magazines or paper products are permitted in the sauna.
All jewellery needs to be removed.
Please drink plenty of water before and after using the sauna.
Bathing suits must be worn.
Maximum of 3 people to use the sauna a one time.
Always shower if using the swimming pool after the sauna.
Wear, or sit on a towel to protect the wood from perspiration.
Allow a 5-minute cool down period after exiting the sauna
The management reserves the right to refuse entry or to require a person to leave the premises.

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